CGC is an AKC program that is designed to reward dogs who have good manners and are well behaved at home and in the community. 

The Canine Good Citizen Program stresses responsible pet ownership for owners and basic good manners for dogs. All dogs who pass the CGC test receive either a certificate or a title, depending on their choice at time of submission to AKC.

canine good citizens

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Windamirs Jersey Devil BN,RE, RATN,CGCA
Lankers a Black Wind Rising CD TD, CGC, 
SD Casino Magic CGC  Blue Banners Magnum CDX RAE, CGC
SD Tequilla Sunrise, CGC Windamir Hunter UD, CGC
CH Windamirs Sting Des Charmettes CGC Windamir-Savana Des Charmettes CDX RAE NJP, CGC
  Kinrha Hinnie Joy, CGC    Dreamcatchers Nevada RN, CGC  
Rolllin Roc SDFraulein Erika, CGC     CH Mir Image Lil Santana RN OA AXJ CGC  
 Mir Image Lil Blaze of Glory RN, CGC     Mir Image Lil Midnight Samba RN OAJ CGC  
 CH Blue Banners High Noon CD RA AXP AJP, CGC    Blue Banner High Octane, CGC
CH Riward’s Bluebanner Mae West CD RA, CGC     Lakai Red to Blue Alkalu CD RN, CGC  
 Mir Image Lil Winston, CGC    Mir Image Lil Dakota, NA NAJ CGC  
CH Windamir Bombshell Des Charmettes, CGC   CH Dabney’s Pink Gardnia, CGC
CH Acclaims Lucky Strike Riwards, CGC     CH Dabney’s Sweet William NA, NAJ CGC  
 CH Clefell’s Katitzi CGC    Nevars Karma, CGC
Riwards Acclaims Lady Luck, CGC     CH Windamir Bentley Of Irvington On Hudson CGC  
 CH Xitamiz Raya, CD, RE, NAJ, CGC    CH Nevars Just Call Me Wild Wiley RN, CGC  
 Icon’s Lion’L T Tauri Star CDX, RE, OA, OAJ, NAP OJP, CGC      CH Spirits Ceriinan Enebys Chevelle CGC  
 Acclaims All The Way CGC     CH Windamir Cirque Du Soleil CGC  
CH Maximus Des Spears RN CGC     Ch Adel Impetuous Temerity CGC RN  
CH Windamir’s Alkazar Charmettes  RN CGC     CH SD Rusty’s Flaming Firecracker CGC  
GCH CH SD Mandrakes Firey Genie CGC  CH SD Spirit of Mulan CGC  
 CH SD Cruella De Vil CGC    Acclaims Never Settle For Less CGC
 Dark Angels Grazy High Quality CGC    Pretty-Dutch-Diva von Cronestein CGC  
 CH Immer Treu Midnight Express CGC    Windamir  Jersey Devil RN CGC  
 CH Lazy Acres Dora the Explorer BN CGC  Regalanes Dea CGC  
 DarkAngels Libby Little Regalanes CGC  Regalanes Elegant Lady BN CGC
 GCH CH  Daveren’s Peaceful Dream CGC   CH Windamir’s Haute Couture V Carabella CD PCD BN RE CA RATS CGCA CGCU TKA   
 Windamir’s Katilara du Soleil BN RN NAJ OF CGC   GCH CH Oakwood V Kaitlers Tribute RN CA CGC   
 Nevars Smooth Operator of Temerity CGC    CH Legacys Heart Breaker RN BN CGC  
 Acclaims DB Peaches N Cream She’s Got It All RN CGC    GCH CH Aritaur Bibi Dahl FDC CAA DCAT CGC TKI  
  Ch Dabney’s Pink Gardenia RN BN CGCA RATI    Windamir’s Strike It While It’s Hot V Iron Heart BN CGC TKN  
 GCH CH Diamond Bay A Chevelle Bugatti Tribute BN RN CA CGC TKN    CH Windamirs Welcome to the Dark Side CGC, RATN
GCHB CH Immer Treu v Oakwood Braveheart RN FDC BCAT SWN RATN CGC TKN Daveren’s Wolfgang Von Eichler CD RM RAE CGC SCN SIN CA