Barn Hunt Title Holders

Barn Hunt Titles

Barn Hunt tests the ability of dogs to locate aerated tubes containing live rats within a hay bale maze, mimicking the historic purpose of our breed as rat-catchers and general purpose farm dogs.
The team must complete a tunneling and climbing effort, and locate the correct tube with the live rat within course time to receive a qualifying score.  Beginning with the the optional instinct (RATI) title, teams can progress through Novice (RATN) Open (RATO) Senior (RATS) Master (RATM)  and to Champion  RATCH.  Barn hunt is not an AKC sport but they do recognize the titles via their event titling program for a fee.   For more information about the sport visit

      CH Dabney’s Fair Warning RATI, RATN, RATO, RATS     Ch Dabney’s Pink Gardenia RN BN CGC RATI
 ED_BARNHUNT_BALESM   GCH Dabney’s Something to Talk About RN, RATI RATO  PixisBarnHuntsm   CH Nevars Pixis RATI RATO
 windjersey_devilratsm[1]   Windamir Jersey Devil BN RE RATN  ChevelleRATIsm   GCH CH Spirits Ceriinan Enebys Chevelle CD BN RE NA NAJ CGC RATI
 missyGCHsm   GCH CH Nevars Miss Behavin RATN  Danne_JoRATNsm CH Windamir’s Haute Couture V Carabella PCD BN RA CA RATS CGC
 BentleyBHNsm CH Diamond Bay A Chevelle Bentley Tribute RN CA RA  RATN   windjersey_devilratsm[1]   Windamirs Jersey Devil BN,RE, RATN,CGCA
 LexiRATNsm GCH CH Nevars Northern Lights RATN   LeiaRATNsm CH Hickson Psyche’s Charm RATN 
 OakwhosgirlGCH100 GCH Oakwoods Who’s That Girl, RATI  BillRATN100   Ch Larcons Fire Marshall RATN
 OakLeatherRATNsm   CH Oakwoods Leather and Lace RATN  BIBIRATIsm   CH Aritaur BiBi Dahl RATI
   GCH CH Immer Treu V Oakwood Braveheart RATN RN   CH Angelsun Attract Attention RATO
  CH Windamirs Welcome to the Dark Side CGC, RATN GCHB CH Immer Treu v Oakwood Braveheart RN FDC BCAT SWN RATN CGC TKN
Ch Windamirs Ottoman Emperor TKN RATN