Find a GPCA Breeder

German Pinscher breeders who are GPCA members in good standing, and have requested to be included, for a yearly fee, and have signed the GPCA Code of Ethics and Breeders list agreement.

P = Puppies available occasionally
A = Adults available occasionally
CH S = Champion Stud available
I = Information available

The GPCA strongly opposes the breeding of German Pinschers to perpetuate colors that are not recognized by our AKC standard. These would include, but not limited to, colors such as chocolate with tan to rust markings, harlequin, merle and tri-colored pinschers."

GPCA recommends all puppies placed should have permanent ID.

If you would like to be listed, please contact the Treasurer. Sign and submit the Breeders List Agreement.






LinDee German Pinschers

Linda and Allen Anderton

Mesa, AZ

Phone 480-325-1212



Y  Not Pinschers 

Yvonne Perry

Winston, GA.





NeVar Kennels

F.Lynann Stuby

Martinsville IN

Phone: 317-831-7887

P, A, CH S,



Pohaku German Pinschers

Byron / Janell Porter

Topeka, KS

Phone: 785-478-0795

P, I, CH S


Rhapsody German Pinschers

Jessica Smith/ Eric  Blatt

Topeka,  KS.


P, A, CH S, I



Temerity German Pinschers

Todd / Amy Issleib

Cameron, MO


P, I, A, CH S


New Mexico

Daveren German Pinschers

Jill Eastman

Stanley, NM

Phone: 505-699-7253

P, A, I, CH S


Von der Wolken German Pinschers

Angela Renneke

Los Alamos, NM





Regalane German Pinschers 

Barbara Lane

Parkdale OR

Phone: 541-352-5552

P, A, CH, S,



Taysha  German Pinschers

Mike / Velda Barkman

Azle, TX 76020


P, I, A, CH S



Immer Treu German Pinschers

Lorraine Shore

Carlsborg, WA


P, I


Oakwood German Pinschers

Kimberle Schiff

Tenino, WA

Phone: 360-358-5704

P, A, I


Disclaimer - The breeders on the GPCA Referral List are members in good standing of the GPCA, but under no circumstances does the GPCA guarantee the services of said members. Further, neither the GPCA nor its members will be held liable for any actions. The information contained on each Breeders website is believed to be true but has not been verified. It is the buyer's responsibility to independently verify claims made by individual breeders. Please visit the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) site to view the listing of German Pinschers who have certified health testing.