The CHIC database is a tool that collects health information on individual animals from multiple sources. This centralized pool of data is maintained to assist breeders in making more informed breeding choices, and for scientists in conducting research. In order for data to be included in CHIC, test results must be based on scientifically valid diagnostic criteria.

Core to the CHIC philosophy is the realization that each breed has different health concerns. Not all diseases have known modes of inheritance, nor do all diseases have screening tests. Some screening tests are based on phenotypic evaluation, others on genetic testing. With all these variables, a key element of CHIC is to customize or tailor the CHIC requirements to the needs of each breed. These unique requirements are established through input from the parent club prior to the breed's entry into the CHIC program. Breed specific requirements typically consist of the inherited diseases that are of the greatest concern and for which some screening test is available. Each parent club also drives specific screening protocols. As an example, one parent club may allow cardiac exams to be performed by a general practitioner. Another parent club may require the exam to be performed by a board certified cardiologist. A club may also use the CHIC program to maintain information on other health issues for anecdotal purposes. Later, as screening tests become available, the disease may be added to the breed specific requirements. Regardless of breed, each dog must be permanently identified in order to have test results included in CHIC. Permanent identification may be in the form of microchip or tattoo. CHIC operates an informed consent database. Owners are encouraged to release all test results realizing it is in the ultimate health interests of the breed and the information greatly increases the depth and breadth of any resulting pedigree analysis. In order to qualify for a CHIC number, all results must be released into the public domain. 

German Pinscher NEW CHIC 2018 requirements


Eye Examination by a boarded ACVO Ophthalmologist

◾Results registered with OFA - OR
◾Registered with CERF

Hip Dysplasia

◾OFA Evaluation - OR
◾PennHIP Evaluation-OR
◾Recognized Foreign Hip Registry (contact OFA in order to register results) -

Cardiac Evaluation

◾Advanced Cardiac Exam - exam must include an ECHO.

von Willebrand's Disease (Optional)

◾OFA Evaluation from VetGen or Clear By Parentage (first generation - see OFA website for detailed policy)

*Note – In addition to the breed specific requirements above, a CHIC requirement across all participating breeds is that the dog must be permanently identified via microchip or tattoo in order to qualify for a CHIC number.