Our mission is to provide reliable current information on health related issues that may affect German Pinschers. Our goals are to encourage participation in and support research to improve the health of future generations.


The modern German Pinscher has a relatively small gene pool. Attention to potential health concerns is important for the breed in the future. Although we know that testing will not guarantee a healthy puppy, it will increase the chance of producing puppies free of inherited problems, if parents, grandparents, and beyond are tested for the most common maladies know in the breed. We are very fortunate to have but a few conditions that are documented well enough to receive our attention. These conditions are:

  1. Hereditary Cataracts 
  2. Hip Dysplasia
  3. von Willebrand's Disease
  4. Cardiac Disease
  5. Immune problems

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Information is provided here as a resource only and is not intended to replace professional care. Always consult with your Veterinarian about your dogs health and medical concerns.