cataracts and eye problems

GPCA Honor Roll is a page dedicated to older and deceased German Pinschers who tested clear of cataracts over eight years of age and older.


Hereditary Cataracts (HC) are found within the breed throughout the world, and is a condition not specific to German Pinschers. In European countries where testing is mandatory, HC appear broadly within the breed and it can be assumed that it’s frequency is no less common in a less tested population. To really know the total impact on our breed, testing of breeding pairs is directed  in the GPCA Code of Ethcs. The Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF) and the OFA Eye Certification Registry is an organization dedicated to canine health. They have a network of Certified Ophthalmologists who perform a standardized examination, and maintain a database of the results. If your dog is not afflicted with Hereditary Cataracts, or other serious inherited eye disorders, a number is issued to “certify” that your dog is clear of inherited eye disease. 

Since many eye conditions are an evolving problem, these exams are only valid for one year. Breeding animals, should have a current exam is done on each parent of all litters produced, and thereafter every few years as these dogs age, since some HC will not develop until after the age of five or six years. We provide a copy of the exam sheet, HERE  and how to read it here. Again, this does not guarantee that your dog will not develop cataracts, but finding parents and grandparents free of this condition certainly will give an indication of the potential for these to develop.

All dogs chosen for breeding should have a current ACVO approved examination, and be certified by OFA-ECR as to not being affected with inherent eye disease. The bluish eye tints of some elderly German Pinschers are not cataracts; it is normal aging of the eye lenses. Cataracts can cause blindness quickly, can cause blindness slowly, or not cause it at all. Some cataracts do not significantly impair vision nor ever progress. Cataracts can appear in different locations on one or both eyes. Surgical correction of cataracts is best done before cataracts become mature. This makes annual CERF exams especially important.

checking results

 Buyers should not purchase a puppy without current eye exams posted on the OFA web site on both parents.