Rally Title Holders


Rally provides a bridge from the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) program to the obedience or agility competition. It is a perfect way to get started in AKC performance competition.

Rally is similar to obedience but is done through a course of designated stations setup by the judge. Each of these stations has a sign providing instructions regarding the next skill that is to be performed. Scoring is not as precise as traditional obedience.

The handlers are permitted to talk, praise, encourage, clap their hands, pat their legs, or use any verbal means of encouragement to communicate with their dog. Once the judge's "Forward" order, the dog and handler are on their own to complete the entire sequence of numbered signs correctly. The handler may not touch the dog or make physical corrections. Rally promotes fun and enjoyment for dogs at all Rally levels of competition.

To be included on these pages, the owners must send a picture to the webmaster.  Pictures are posted in order received.


The following includes all German Pinschers titled in Rally since 2003.


CH Windamir-Savana Des Charmettes CDX

The first RA RE RAE

lexiernsm Windamirs Olga Des Charmettes

  The first RN

magnumsm Blue Banners Magnum CDX RAE nevadasm Dreamcatcher's Nevada RN
jefresm Icon's Lion'L T Tauri Star UD, RE, OA, OAJ, NAP OJP  bluesm Lakai Red to Blue Alkalu CD RN
calypsosm Mir Image Lil Blaze of Glory RN Mir Image Lil Midnight Samba RN OAJ
santanaguardsm CH Mir Image Lil Santana RN OA AXJ agility2sm CH Blue Banners High Noon VCD1 RE AXP AJP
 miarasm  CH Riwards Bluebanner Mae West CD RA  killianrnsm  CH Acclaims Lucky Strike Riwards CD RA
 windcriquebxd   CH PACH Windamir Cirque Du Soleil CD RAE MX MXJ MXF MXPS MJPS MXP6 MJP5 PAX2 MFP TQXP NevarsJavaboxed  CH Nevars Java RN TDX
 WileybxdCH  CH Nevars Just Call Me Wild Wiley RN OakPrimeTimeagilSM  CH Oakwoods Prime Time RA OA AXJ NF
 RallyDakotasm  Mir Image Lil Dakota RN OA NAJ  WillieRallysm  CH Dabney's Sweet William RN NA NAJ
 TikaRNsm  CH Clefell's Katitzi RN Windamirsladycory100  CH Windamirs Lady Cory CD RE
 TITI2yearssmall  CH Adel Irresistible Temerity of Nevar RN  AdelImpetuousjumpsm  CH Adel Impetuous TemeritRN
 maximussm  CH Maximus Des Spears RN CiscoRNsm  Windamir's Cisco Kid des Charnettes RN
CH Windamir's Haute Couture V Carabella CD PCD BN RE CA RATS CGC
 IndyCGCrnsm  Riwards Acclaims Lady Luck RE NA NAJ
 MintJuleprnsm  Nevars Mint Julep RN  ChevelleNovRallyBDec2010sm GCH CH Spirits Ceriinan Enebys Chevelle CD BN RE NA NAJ CGC RATI
 WindCatManRNsm CH Windamir Catman Dew Des Charmettes RN  lucyrallysm CH Dabney's Pink Gardenia RN BN CGC 
 Nevlaureatebxd  CH Nevars Laureate RN  WinAngelDesCharsm Windamirs Angel Des Charmettes BN RN 
 eddierallysm  GCH CH Dabney's Something to Talk About RA  ripley_jumping_the_triplesm]  Dabneys Believe It Or Not RA OA OAJ NF
 WINDAMIRS_NEW_JERSEY_DEVIL_-_RALLY_NOVICE_TITLISTsm  Windamir Jersey Devil RE  max_head_shotrallysm  CH Immer Treu Midnight Express RN
 DivaRallysm  Pretty-Dutch-Diva von Cronestein RN  GPCAHITrumorsm  Ch Dabney's Rumor Has it RN
 WindKTSoleil100  Windamir's Katilara du Soleil BN RN NAJ OF CGC  LadyRNSMjpg GCH CH Lilla Eneby's Xip'Xperia RN 
 Parker-RN-SM[1]  GCH CH Oakwood V Kaitlers Tribute RN CA CGC  ReignCognacRNsm  Reigning's Cognac RN
  phoebernsm  CH Acclaims DB Peaches N Cream She's Got It All RN  dakotaobedsm  CH Legacys Heart Breaker RN BN
 CH Windamir's Alkazar Charmettes CD BN RA CAX CGC  Lana_BOO+W_4-2-2011c[1]sm  GCH CH Acclaims All The Way CD RN
 bentley_rnsm_14  CH Diamond Bay A Chevelle Bentley Tribute RN CA RA   penny-sit

CH Nevars Unchained Melody of Temerity RN THDN CGC

CH Oakwoods Leather N Lace RN
   Ch Windamirs Casing Mavericks RN
   GCH CH Immer Treu v Oakwood Braveheart RATN RN Daveren's Wolfgang Von Eichler RM RAE