Obedience Title Holders



Obedience training is the foundation for the development of a sound pet, service dog, and for all performance activities such as tracking, agility, and other activities. Because of the German Pinscher's strong will, intelligence, and independent nature, obedience training is a must for their development as a good companion. These same traits also ensure the outstanding working ability of the German Pinscher.

There are several levels of AKC obedience titles: Novice (CD), Open (CDX) and Utility (UD). A higher level of competition was added in recent years, which includes Utility Excellent (UDX) and Obedience Trial Champion (OTCH). 

To be included on these pages, the owners must send a picture to the webmaster. Pictures are posted in order received.

Following are All obeience titles earned by German Pinschers since 2003.

Windamir's Hunter, The first CD, CDX, UD    Windamir's Touch'e, CD touchesm
 Ch. Lazar Des Charmettes, CD lazarcdsm  Lankers a Black Wind Rising, CD, TD   mariahprfsm
 Ch Windamir-Savana des Charmettes CD CDX, RN  savanasm  Blue Banners Magnum, CDX RAE magnumsm
Ch Blue Banners High Noon, VCD1 RE AXP AJP   shooter2sm  CH Riwards Bluebanner Mae West CD RA  maewestsm
 CH Acclaims Lucky Strike Riwards CD RA  Killiancdboxed CH MACH Xitamiz Raya UD RE MXS MJG OF   rayacdbxed
Icon's Lion'L T Tauri Star UD, RE, OA, OAJ, NAP OJP    jefresm  CH MACH2 Windamir Salsa Des Charmettes VCD1 RN NF  attiecdrecallsm
 CH  Windamirs Lady Cory CD RE  windamirsladycory100   CH MAXIMUS DES SPEARS BN   SpudsBNsm
CH Windamir Cirque Du Soleil CD RE AXP AJP XFP   soleilobedsm   Nevars  Mikka CD gretta_standingsm
 GCH CH Spirits Ceriinan Enebys Chevelle CD BN RE NA NAJ CGC RATI  chevelle_beg_novsm  CH Windamir's Alkazar Charmettes CD BN RA CAX CGC  Remme_with_Dumbbell_2012BMsm
Riwards Acclaims Lady Luck, CD BN RA NA NAJ  indy_all_star_photo100  Ch Dark Angels Grazy High Quality CD  DAGrazyHighQuyalityCDsm
 CH Lazy Acres Dora the Explorer BN    Regalanes Dea CD BN CGC  ReglanesDEAsm
 CH Regalanes Elegant Lady CD BN CGC  RegalanesElegantLadyBNCGCsm  Dark Angels Libby Little Regalane CD BN CGC  libbylittlereglaneBNsm
 CH Dabney's Pink Gardnia RN BN CGC  libbylittlereglaneBNsm  Windamirs Jersey Devil BN, RE, RATN, CGCA  Ozzie recall sm
CH Windamir's Haute Couture V Carabella CD  PCD BN RA CA RATS CGC    Windamir's Katilara du Soleil BN RN NAJ OF CGC  KTObedRallyAgilityCGCSM
CH Legacys Heart Breaker RN BN CGC   Dakotaobedsm  GCH CH Acclaims All The Way CD RN  Lana_BOO+W_4-2-2011c[1]sm
  CH Regalanes I Am One in a Million BN CD
 MILOMOVINGSM  CH Regalanes Karismatic Lady BN ????????????????????????????????????
 Windamir's Strike It While It's Hot V Iron Heart BN CGC TKN    GCH CH Diamond Bay A Chevelle Bugatti Tribute BN RN CA CGC TKN