Is a German Pinscher right for you?

We encourage you to browse GPCA web site pages to the left for research and to determine whether a German Pinscher is the breed for you. Click below for the breed pamphlet for further information on the breed.

Click here  to  download the GPCA Pamphlet

Once you have made an informed decision, please use the links below  to proceed to the Rescue pages to adopt a German Pinscher.

Adoption Procedure

Awaiting Adoption

(German Pinschers available for Adoption)

(if you have a German Pinscher in need of placement via our program)

Memorial Page

Happy Endings

To determine if a dog you have in your rescue facility, or have found a dog you feel is a German Pinscher, please utilize our GPCA Pamphlet to aid you in the identity of the breed you might have. This GPCA German Pinscher Pamphlet is available in  PDF format. If you wish to download and print this pamphlet, use your printer SETUP to indicate landscape, print the first page, turn the page over, and print the second page on the back of the first page.

Contact Rescue at  for more information.


This rescue pamphlet can be placed in your local Humane Society and any breed specific organizations in your area to aid in the identification of possible German Pinschers. Be sure to put contact information on the pamphlet. Click HERE  to  download the Rescue Pamphlet

GPCA Rescue Committee Members

Sharon Asher, Chair:

Linda Osborne, Eva Lanker, Carrie Drake, Kimberle Schiff, Cheryl Fuss

If you wish to adopt a German Pinscher, please contact Rescue for information on currently available dogs for adoption at

If you have a lost dog, please visit our LOST DOG suggestions for help.

 to contact our treasurer:


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