This code is established in accordance with the objectives of the German Pinscher Club of America. It is presented as a guideline for the use of the GPCA members when buying, breeding, selling and exhibiting German Pinschers.

l. Abide by the Constitution and by-laws of the German Pinscher Club of America and the American Kennel Club.
2. Keep accurate breeding records, registration papers, and pedigrees. Maintain the best possible standards in canine health, cleanliness, and care.
3. All service and sales arrangements shall be mutually agreed upon, stated in writing, and signed by all parties involved, including all adjustments, replacement conditions, etc. Support and conduct only ethical trade practices.
4. All advertising shall be honest and not in any way misrepresentative, fraudulent, or misleading.
5. All German Pinschers that are used for breeding shall be OFA or Penn Hip certified as passing for hips, and CERF /OFA-ECR certified as passing for eyes for the years they are bred. Encourage and support the GPCA Health and Genetic Committee with specific attention to testing for health disorders specifically relating to the German Pinscher.
6. All dogs offered at stud shall not be bred prior to one (1) year of age nor after twelve (12) years of age and shall be in good health and free from any communicable diseases and disqualifying genetic faults. Stud owners are responsible for puppies produced by their studs. Therefore it is recommended that they verify the bitch owner is a responsible owner and breeder. Any bitch accepted for stud service must be at least eighteen (18) months of age, in good health, and free from any communicable diseases and disqualifying genetic faults. It is highly recommended that no bitch be bred without proof of negative brucellosis test.
7. No stud dog will be bred to any bitch who’s owner is directly or indirectly involved with any puppy broker, puppy mill, pet shop, litter lot sales, or any other commercial enterprises whose business is involved in like activities.
8. No bitch shall be bred more than once a year, nor prior to eighteen (18) months of age, nor after nine (9) years of age, and should be in good health, free from any communicable diseases and disqualifying genetic faults. Breeders of litters are responsible for puppies produced by their bitches. Therefore, it is recommended that the breeders verify that their purchasers of puppies will be responsible dog owners who will provide proper homes and care.
9. No bitch will be bred for commercial purposes. All bitches will be bred with intentions of improving the breed.
10. No German Pinscher will be sold to commercial facilities, businesses, kennels, puppy brokers, pet shops, guard dog businesses, nor agents thereof.
11. Honestly evaluate the structure and mental qualities of all German Pinschers sold, and fairly represent the evaluation including results of any temperament testing.
12. Prices of German Pinschers shall be based on individual quality. Members shall maintain prices so as not to be injurious to the breed. When appropriate, some animals should be sold with a limited registration or with a written agreement to have the animal altered and the papers withheld pending alteration.
13. At the time of sale, furnish records to each buyer of all shots and wormings, pedigree and AKC registration or transfer documents, unless written agreement is made at time of sale that papers are being withheld.
14. All members shall conduct themselves at all times in such a manner as to reflect credit on the sport of purebred dog showing and German Pinschers in particular. This includes respect for the show site, convention, overflow facilities, and all other aspects of responsible dog ownership.

Revised 6/10/2015