Tracking Title Holders


The Tracking dog


The German Pinscher is not only an unusually intelligent companion, he is also a very impressive tracking dog.

To earn the beginning level AKC Tracking Title, Tracking Dog, TD, a dog has to follow a track that is laid by a stranger (to the dog), through a vegetated area for about 450-500 yards. The track is 30 minutes to two hours old and will usually have about 4 turns. There will be a glove or wallet of the tracklayer at the end of the track which the dog must find.

The AKC Tracking Dog Excellent Title (TDX) is about twice the length, has many more turns, will cross creeks, fences, roads, and have other obstacles. The track is two to five hours old, there are four articles to find and there are also crosstracks which are newer than the original track. This is very demanding on both the dog and handler, but the training for it is so much fun!

Variable Surface Tracking (VST)

In the real world, dogs track through urban settings, as well as through wilderness. A VST dog has demonstrated this ability by following a three- to five-hour-old track that may take him down a street, through a building and other areas devoid of vegetation.

Champion Tracker (CT)

A dog that has successfully completed all three tracking titles (TD, TDX and VST) earns the prestigious title of Champion Tracker. Tracking is an excellent activity for dogs of all ages. The enthusiasm of young dogs is great fun, but the concentration found in the older dogs certainly has it’s merits!

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The following lists all German Pinschers that have obtained a Tracking title since 2003.


bluetracking  CH CT Nevars Java RN TD, the first TDX and The first CT
 trackbger  Lankers A Black Wind Rising CD, The first  TD
 tracking2 Kaiserlich I Have A Dream TD
 attietrackingsm  CH MACH2 Windamir Salsa Des Charmettes VCD1 RN NF
 zanatracking CH Riward’s High Society TD